We are learning more and more about the city we live in and the amazing people that will go above and beyond to help out! We want to share a little love today for some of those fine folks – and as always, we hope when you’re able you will support our local people, places, and things!



If you haven’t met the guys down at West Sixth Brewing… what the hell is wrong with you? Get up, stop what you’re doing, and go down there (I suggest the Lemongrass Wheat, but that’s just me) and have a beer or two.  They have some seriously awesome things going on there, yes besides the beer, like Smithtown Seafood (Yum) and Foodchain. Plus with several events, activities, and other happenings, you have an excuse to go multiple times a week. Check out their website here, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.

We are excited to have partnered with West Sixth, for The Bourbon Social main event! They will be serving up a couple tasty options at the event, celebrating true Kentucky craft and culture. If you’re visiting from out of town – no worries. We are setting up a couple Brewery tours and a possible tasting at their place, so that you get a little love before you go home. If you’re from Lexington and you haven’t toured the facility, we suggest you look at their website and plan one ASAP.

(P.S. – If you ever want to talk Bourbon, Beer, Food, or anything in between… there’s a pretty good chance you will find us here. We would love for you to join!)


If you’re in the food service world, then you have probably heard of Papania’s. They are one of the oldest, continuously running, and family owned local businesses, and they supply most of the States fruits and veggies.  Originally located on Broadway (where the Civic Center is now),

they moved to their current location on Zesta in 1968. They’ve been serving Kentucky Proud products for over 100 
years, and clearly have a commitment to the community.We are so excited to have them as a partner for The Bourbon Social, and cannot wait for you to see all we have in store. To give you a hint, Papania’s will be partnering with several local Chefs, Restaurants, and Caterers to create some killer, Kentucky Proud, Southern and Bourbon inspired cuisine . Our mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Next time you go to a restaurant, diner, or food cart – ask where they get their produce – and if it’s not Papania’s and local – suggest they make the switch!

For more information on Papania’s and their story, click here.