If you haven’t heard of Jim Beam or Beam Global… kindly get out from under your rock. They’ve been aging tasty bourbons for over 200 years and with 7 generations of men from the Beam Family at the helm, they know a thing or two about distilling fine Kentucky Bourbons. What you might not know is how many brands are under the Beam Global/Jim Beam ‘hat’ – and what you should know is that you can taste, sample, and sip on almost all of them at The Bourbon Social. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Brands, some you already know, all of which you should taste.

Jim Beam

Jim Beam White

Red Stag

Jim Beam Black

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Jim Beam Jacobs Ghost

Jim Beam Rye

Jim Beam Seven Year

Jim Beam Choice

Jim Beam Maple

Jim Beam Honey

Jim Beam Single Barrel

We will also have these tasty bourbons from the BeamSuntory family;



Basil Hayden

Knob Creek Nine year

Knob Creek Rye

Knob Creek Single Barrel

Knob Creek Smoked Maple


If you haven’t been to their new American Stillhouse in Clermont, KY, we highly suggest you take a visit. You could spend a week at their facility with all you can do! (And hey, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve partnered with Mila Kunis)


Check out our local Kentucky Bourbons, and take a visit to the Jim Beam facility. They are the Official Sponsors of the Bourbon Bar + Cocktail reception (10.10.14) during The Bourbon Social. You can also find them during the tasting (10.11.14) and they will be serving up tasty bourbons and craft cocktails during the main event!